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Douglas heard the sound of breaking glass in the back yard. He grabbed the baseball bat he’d placed beside the bed and got up. He heard Brenda’s voice in his head, telling him to stay where he was. He knew she was worried about him, but he was worried about her too.

He opened the back door slowly. His eyes darted immediately to the garage. It looked quiet. He tiptoed across the lawn and slowly opened the garage door. “Brenda?” He called quietly into the darkness. He felt the claws before he saw her horrible face.

He screamed into the night. It was a sound that ripped through Cuddy. She was about to knock on their front door when she heard it. Without hesitating she tore open the gate to the backyard and rushed toward the garage and the sound of the scream.

Douglas was on the ground by the time she got there. He was pummeling his werewife viciously yet ineffectively with the bat. “Brenda!” He cried. It was unclear if he was crying because he thought the creature had gotten her, or because he feared the creature was her.

Cuddy strode confidently over to him and pulled the bat out of his hands. She began wailing it against Brenda’s wolf like back. The beast cried out in pain.

Douglas managed to scuttle out from under the fight. He looked around the room for any signs of his wife, still unwilling to believe she was the one who attacked him. “Don’t hurt her!” He cried out involuntarily.

“Is this Brenda?” Cuddy asked.

“I...I think so.” Douglas couldn’t believe it himself, but his wife was no where else to be found.

“Damn!” Cuddy hated hurting someone she considered a friend. Still, when Brenda came at her again, Cuddy had no problem punching her in the face.

“She...she warned me.” Douglas babbled in the background.

“I think...you should go.” Cuddy spoke breathlessly between kicks and punches. “You don’t need to see her like this.” She ducked as one of Brenda’s massive paws came at her.

“She tried to stop it. She...this cage...it was her idea.” Douglas was already thinking of ways to blame himself for this. “I didn’t make it strong enough.”

“You...couldn’t have.” Cuddy thrust all her power into her foot as it plowed into Brenda’s gut.

“Should I call the cops?” Douglas was pacing. Brenda stopped fighting and watched him, salivating.

“They can’t do anything.” Cuddy took advantage of the distraction to get herself a weapon. She grabbed a weedwacker from the wall. She was thrilled when she flipped the switch and found it was the cordless kind. She shoved it toward Brenda who quickly backed off.

“Are you...do you have to...” he couldn’t say it.

Cuddy didn’t want to hear it. “I will try not to...” she couldn’t bring herself to say but. Instead she thrust the tool at Brenda’s outstretched arm, cutting a big gash into it. The beast whimpered and pulled her arm back to nurse it.

Cuddy wasn’t sure she would be able to hold Brenda off until sunrise. “Try talking to her. Use her name, try to connect with her.”

“She’s...she’s still in there?” Douglas tried to pull himself together. He thought of his wife.

“I think so.” Cuddy really wasn’t sure how this worked, but she felt it was worth a shot.

“Brenda. Brenda, darling, it’s me, Please, I love you.” He had tears streaking his face. Don’t you know who I am?”

Brenda only responded by concentrating her attack on her husband. He was meatier than Cuddy, and probably a lot easier to catch. With one, forceful thrust of her gashed arm, Brenda flung Cuddy out of her way and stormed toward Douglas. The last thing Cuddy heard was a scream. Then the concussion took over.

When Cuddy opened her eyes she saw blood, lots of blood. She knew what had happened. With great fear she got up and looked toward where she’d last seen Douglas. He was still there, laying in a bloody, lifeless heap. Brenda was gone.

“Crap!” Cuddy grabbed a pair of gardening sheers and headed off. She was never any good at tracking. That was more of a Harry things. She really wished he was with her right now.

The streets of Princeton were quiet. Sunrise wasn’t far away. The moon was barely visible over the horizon. Where ever Brenda was, it wouldn’t be long before she was herself again, and frightened and confused. Cuddy had to find her.

Cuddy tried to remember what Bob had taught her all those years ago, about werewolves. Where were they likely to go, to hide? Brenda would have gone somewhere she knows, somewhere she feels safe. There was only one place Cuddy could think of. The hospital.

House prepared another syringe.

“You can’t just keep shooting him up all night.” Wilson protested mildly.

“Why not?” House plunged the syringe into the boys neck.

“You...” Wilson realized it was pointless. “You really think he’s a werewolf don’t you?”


A strangled growl came from the bed, causing both men to jump.

“Damn!” House tossed the syringe aside. “It’s not working.”

“So what’s plan B?” Wilson got out of his seat and was backing toward the door.

“Uh, I was kind of counting on plan A working.” House got up as well, but headed toward Gerard instead of away.

“House!” Wilson lunged in a panic. “What are you doing? Get away from him.”

House was busy checking the boys vitals. He pushed Wilson aside. “Do you realize what an opportunity this is?” House asked excitedly.

“Yeah, an opportunity to die!” Wilson’s voice cracked slightly.

House rolled his eyes. “I told you to go, so go.”

Wilson headed for the door, stopped, turned and walked back to his best friend. As scared as he was, he couldn’t leave his friend alone with a werewolf, even if he didn’t believe in them.

Gerard’s eyes popped open and razor sharp teeth glistened in the florescent lighting of the hospital room.

“Holy crap!” Wilson jumped what felt like ten feet into the air but couldn’t have been because he didn’t reach the ceiling.

House reached for his cane, but it wasn’t there. “Shit!” He’d lost it in his battle with the vampires. “You wouldn’t happen to have a gun on you would you?” He asked his friend.

“Uh, no, left it at home today.” Wilson snarked. “House, we need to get out of here. Like now!” Wilson pulled on House’s jacket but the taller man didn’t move.

“And what? Let him kill everyone in the hospital?”

“Since when do you care about other people?” Wilson felt himself starting to panic. He had broken out in a cold sweat, and was getting dizzy.

“I don’t. But I thought you did. Aren’t you supposed to be my Jiminy Cricket?” House placed a hand on Wilson’s arm. It seemed to calm him a little.

“I quit!” Wilson fell down in to his chair. House led him slightly toward it.

“You can’t quit. You’re an indentured servant. It’s not like I’ve been paying you all these years.”

“How can you joke...” Wilson’s thought was interrupted by Gerard breaking free from one of his restraints. Wilson gulped loudly. “House,” his shaky voice called out.

“Damn.” House realized he was in over his head. He could try to reach Cuddy but god knows where she was. Then he remembered that wizard idiot was at her house. He picked up the phone and dialed quickly. It was a wrong number and he got chewed out by some old Greek woman. He had no idea what she’d called him, but assumed it wasn’t good.

The next number was correct and he heard Harry’s voice on the other end. “Werewolf.” House managed to say quickly.

“Excuse me?” Harry replied.

“How do you stop a werewolf.”

“You kind of don’t.” Harry responded. “Where’s Lisa? She can handle it.”

“She’s somewhere else.” House snapped.

“Is she all right?” Harry panicked.

“She’s fine. I’m the one who’s about to be eaten by a teenwolf.” House felt his anger rising the more he heard Harry’s relatively calm voice.

“Where are you? I’ll be right there.”

“I don’t have time.”

“Where are you?” Harry repeated slowly.

“Hospital.” House responded equally slowly.

The line went dead.

“Well?” Wilson looked anxiously at his friend.

“The bastard hung up on me.” House slammed down the phone.

Gerard struggled with his other restraint. Time was up.

Suddenly the door burst open. “That was qui...” House’s words froze in his mouth. He was not looking into the annoyingly handsome face of Harry Dresden. He was looking at the blood soaked fangs of another werewolf. “Shit!”

The werewolf batted him out of the way and headed for the bed. Gerard pulled off the last of his restraints and snarled at the newcomer.

“What the hell is that?” Wilson asked as he crawled over toward House.

“I believe that might be Nurse Brenda.” House deduced.

“What the...”

The two werewolves became entwined in battle. Wilson tapped House’s shoulder and nodded his head toward the door. “Can you make it?” He asked.

“If it means not dying I can try.” The pain in House’s leg was worse, but he had more incentive to ignore it, so he did. The two doctors scuttled along the floor toward the door. They had avoided attracting the werewolves’ attention. Freedom was only a few feet away.

They were stopped by a pair of very shapely legs clad in a pair of very tight jeans. They both followed the slight curve of the leg up to an even more shapely pair of hips. “You can browse later, get the hell out of the way,” Cuddy snapped at them.

Wilson scrambled to his feet and pulled House up with him. “Wha...” House shoved his friend out the door to safety, leaving Cuddy and her Beretta to their business.

Several shots were heard, along with loud whimpers. Cuddy had clipped each werewolf in the gut, too low for a direct hit to the heart, but in a place she knew would stop them.

House opened the door cautiously. He looked at the two wolves, twitching on the ground. “Where'd you get this thing.” He nodded approvingly as he pulled the gun from her hands.

"My desk," Cuddy replied absentmindedly.

"Nice." House handled the gun appreciatively.

“House?” Wilson prodded his friend back toward the two dangerous creatures lying on the floor.

“Oh, right.” House placed the gun into the waist of his pants then kicked one of the werewolves cautiously.
“Now what?” Wilson whimpered.

“Now we wait.” Cuddy informed him, a glass of water having returned her strength.

“Wait? For what?” Wilson didn’t like this plan.

“For sunrise you idiot.” House snapped.


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Jun. 13th, 2007 03:23 pm (UTC)

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I love this, and yet it SCARES me. I MUCH like this version better!!!

CUDDY HAS A BERETTA - I said this before and i'll say it again. THATS HOT.

Jun. 13th, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
I didn't mean to scare you Prinnie. Just remember, there's no such thing as werewolves and vampires...right?

And yeah, Cuddy + Beretta + tight jeans = HOT Man I'd kill for an icon of that!
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