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“Cuddy?” Wilson replied. “I’ve been trying to reach House. Do you know where he is?”

“Yes, and I need you to come get him.” Cuddy was still breathing heavily. It gave Wilson the wrong idea.

“What have you two been doing?” He smiled at himself. Speculating on House’s sex life was a welcome distraction to what was going on with Gerard.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Can you pick him up? We’re at the corner of Washington and North Main.”

“Sure, I’ll be right there. But where are you?” Wilson was pretty sure there was nothing at the corner of Washington and North Main. Well, nothing that would be open at this hour of night.

“He’s on a bench. I’ll wait with him, but you’ve got to hurry.” There was urgency in her voice that frightened him.

“Uh, Cuddy, there’s something you should know.”

“I think I already do. Hurry!” She hung up.

Wilson looked at Chase, Foreman and Cameron. They all looked so young. He felt guilty leaving them to deal with this alone. “I, uh, have to run out for a minute. I’ll be right back. Call me if anything changes.” He looked at Gerard who was, at the moment, peacefully sleeping. The tranquilizer had taken effect. But there was something wrong with the young man, something about him that wasn’t quite human.

“We can handle it,” Foreman said rather snottily.

“I’ll be right back.” Wilson grabbed his coat.

“Where are you going?” Cameron just couldn’t stop herself from asking, so she didn’t bother trying.

“Pick up House.” Wilson hurried out the door. Cuddy made it sound like there wasn’t much time. Wilson had visions of a drunken House laying in a gutter, or wasted on bad drugs he’d got off some street dealer.

Wilson sped through the streets of Princeton until he came to the corner of Main and Washington. He saw House sitting on the bench alone. “Where’s Cuddy?” He looked around.

“She had to go.” House looked off in the direction Cuddy had just vanished to. He looked back at his best friend, who was helping him get up and leading him to the car. A big smile crossed House’s face. “You are never going to believe what we just did.”

“Cuddy said the same thing.” Wilson looked at House’s bruises, at the blood dripping from his shoulder. He decided that his original idea of a late night booty call was far from the truth.

Wilson piled House into the car and sped back to the hospital. “Cuddy kicks ass!” House slurred wearily.

“Yeah, she’s great.” Maybe he was right. Maybe she just liked it rough. Wilson shook the thought off. No way she liked it THAT rough.

“No, I mean literally. She kicks ass. It’s like, her calling.” House was giddy with pain.

“Take your pills.” Wilson grumbled.

House obeyed and popped several Vicodin in his mouth. It was his third handful since the attack. “It was just like Buffy. Well, the vampires weren’t as cool, they didn’t even speak, but other than that, it was awesome.”

“What the hell are you talking about House?”

“Cuddy’s the Vampire Slayer.” House pronounced proudly.

“Yeah, sure she is.” Wilson took his eyes off the road for a second, just to get a good look at his friend. Maybe House had banged his head severely. Maybe he was suffering from a concussion. That had to be it.

House gave Wilson a play by play of the evenings event. He left out no detail, though he did make himself slightly more heroic than reality. Wilson half listened as he drove the rest of the way to the hospital.

“Wait here.” Wilson got out of the car and headed into the hospital to get House a wheelchair.

“No way.” House pulled himself painfully out of the car and began to hobble toward the hospital. He cursed loudly as his leg gave out and he collapsed to the ground.

“House!” Wilson rushed over and helped his friend to his feet. He should have known House’s pride would get the better of him. As he pulled House into the hospital he motioned for the night nurse Libby Tofrey to get a wheelchair. Against House’s very verbal wishes, Wilson managed to get him into the chair and wheeled him into the clinic.

He shut the door on Exam Room 2 and looked down at his beaten friend. “Are you ready to tell me what really happened?” Wilson pulled up a chair and sat across from House, looking deep into his friends eyes. He liked to think he could tell when House was lying to him, though he was helplessly inept at it really.

“I told you, everything.” House suddenly remembered something. “Where’s Gerald?”

“Who?” It took Wilson a minute. It was very late and he was very tired. “You mean GERARD? You’re patient?”

“Yeah, him.” House didn’t see what Wilson’s problem was.

“We had to sedate him. He came out of the coma you put him in.”

“What did you use?” House was intrigued, and scared shitless.

“Tranquilizer. Look, what’s wrong with him? Your team seem to think you know what he has but you won’t tell them.”

“Because Foreman already guessed it, but doesn’t believe it.”

“He’s not a werewolf House.” Wilson refused to believe as well.

“Right, and Cuddy and I weren’t attacked by three vampires.” House’s perception of the situation had changed too much for him to understand Wilson’s disbelief.

“Exactly.” Wilson threw up his hands in frustration. Sometimes talking to House was like getting a root canal.

“I need to see him.” House plodded on with the conversation.

“You need to sit here and let me check you out. Some of these injuries look pretty serious.” Wilson prodded House’s shoulder and made him wince. “So...”

House was still on an adrenaline high from the fight and he pushed Wilson out of his way. He wheeled himself down the hall quickly. Wilson, after regaining his bearings, hurried after him.

“Why did you sedate him?” House shouted as he wheeled himself into Gerard’s room, nearly barreling into the Ducklings.

“He was having fits.” Foreman announced, unfazed by House’s sudden appearance.

“It looked like seizures,” Cameron added, more fazed, and stumbling to say something. Chase just stood silently and waited.

“It wasn’t seizures. He’s trying to change.” House pushed them out of his way and wheeled up to Gerard’s bed.

“Change?” Chase finally spoke.

“Yes, did I stutter?” House checked the boy’s pulse, which was racing, and opened each eye lid. The boy’s eyes were no longer human. They had become solid black orbs. “How long has he been like this?” The boy was damp from cold sweet. As House examined him the boy began to twitch here and there.

“We gave him the tranquilizer about twenty minutes ago.” Cameron informed him.

“About? ABOUT! I want an exact time.” House knew he shouldn’t have trusted them.

“It’s been twenty seven minutes sir.” Chase had checked the charted time. House frightened him when he was angry.

“It’s already wearing off,” House said more to himself than he inept team. “Get more.”

“We can’t!” Cameron blurted out. “The long term effects of constant tranquilization could be...”

“The short term effects are going to be much worse for all of us. Get me more sedatives.”

Cameron scrambled out of the room before Chase, who really just wanted to escape, had a chance to volunteer.

Foreman approached the bed. “You can’t expect us to go through with every crazy idea you have if you don’t tell us what’s going on.”

“You need to get out of here.” House looked around the room. “All of you.” He looked at Wilson for a long time.

“I’m not leaving you here House.” Wilson replied.

“I’m not going until you tell us what’s going on.” Foreman’s reply was a bit more defiant.

Chase was already out the door.

“If you stay, you’ll die.” House informed Foreman.

“Communicable disease?” Foreman’s mind was racing. “Which one?” He couldn’t place all the symptoms.

“The one where our patient rips out of his restraints and has you for dinner.” House snapped.

“What?” Foreman was ready for a fight now.

“Just go. Get some sleep.” Wilson gently led the younger doctor to the door. “I’ll take care of this.”

Foreman realized he was outnumbered and left. But not without slamming the door on his way.

“You think he’d be more grateful to me for trying to save his life,” House grumbled when he’d left.

“Maybe if you would be honest about what’s going on...”

“I TOLD you what’s going on.” House wanted to bang his head against the wall he was so frustrated with Wilson at the moment. “Of course I also told you to leave.” He looked at his friend expectantly.

“Yeah, you did.” Wilson didn’t move.

Finally House sighed and turned his attention back to Gerard. “I am hoping the sedatives will prevent him from changing into a werewolf but I can’t guarantee it will work, so you should go home, bolt lock all your doors and windows, kiss the present Mrs. Wilson goodnight and try to get some sleep.”

“I’m not leaving House.” Wilson sat down.

“Suit yourself.”
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